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Coaching with Mindfulness

As a Professional Co-Active coach, I am passionate about helping people get the most out of life and work.  I have helped many individuals  to live out their dreams, and to find deeper levels of fulfillment and happiness in their lives.

I have over twelve years of experience as a mindfulness teacher and have many practical tools that will help bring you back to a place of deeper self understanding, potential and direction in your life.

I will bring the qualities of confidence, presence, warmth and kindly challenge into our interactions.

Coaching works best when there is a commitment to truth and honesty and 'staying with' the inevitable discomfort that arises when we begin to make changes.   My role as a coach is to be your champion and help you stay on track as you live out your big, bold decisions.

Mindfulness in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity, improve interpersonal relationships and reduce stress leading to associated loss of working days through illness.


I always start an initial contact with a discovery session to explore whether decisions coaching or mindfulness is the right thing for you.

If we decide to work together in a coaching context, we would then have an initial 2 hour consultation to establish our working relationship, find out more deeply about your work / life situation and explore which areas you want to focus on.  

I ask my clients to ensure that there are no distractions during our coaching sessions.  You will get much more from the session if you are fully present - which means that phones are switched off, its relatively quiet and nobody is needing your attention.

For coaching to be effective, there needs to be a commitment to stay with the process over a period of time.  This will help to clarify if the decision is the right one to take, and if so, it will help to embed the changes and help keep you on track during the most crucial moments of change and self enquiry.

My minimum requirement for us to work together is:

1x initial 2 hour consultation 


4 x 1 hour sessions, spread at regular intervals as arranged between us


You will receive:

  • Focused one-to one coaching sessions
  • A written summary of our sessions detailing action points
  • Copies of all exercises completed within coaching sessions
  • Ongoing email contact between sessions as required ( I will answer all email correspondence within 48 hours, apart from holidays)
  • A free 10 minute emergency phone call, as needed

Pricing and Booking


Please get in touch for a free 45 minute discovery session.  

All enquiries and bookings: