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Coaching is a way of helping you achieve your goals, overcoming obstacles and making lasting changes or shifts in your life. It can help to clarify whether an idea around the future is the right one to take for you personally or professionally.  Coaching can help you play a bigger game and help you to become more confident and a better leader.  It can also help to embed any changes that are made.  

I help people to move forward with their career and in their life as a whole.  

By reconnecting you back with your core values, I can help you make congruent decisions that will bring you alive and help you contact a deeper sense of fulfillment.

Often people get stuck or upended because they have lost touch with their core values and deeper motivations. My coaching helps people to find a natural way back to a sense of agency and purpose and helps their decision to be in line with their overall sense of purpose and direction in life.

When decisions come out of your deepest life-purpose, they will be effective and transformative.  The world around you will begin to conspire in your favour!


Coaching is based on the principle that you as the client are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.  You have the answers you need - it is simply a case of asking the right questions and relating to your life as a whole.  I offer deep listening and tools for activating changes in your life that move you towards the person you intuit you can become.

There are many tools that I may use to help bring about self awareness and transformation:

  • Reflective tools exploring fulfillment, work performance and personal values
  • Planning and prioritisation exercises
  • Creative visioning tools for imagining into the future
  • Use of powerful questions to provoke deeper self questioning

The content of any given coaching session will arise out of the relationship between us.   My role is to catalyse changes based on your values and direction, rather than to impose my own subjective view of what's best.  

Effective coaching relationships are characterised by honesty, curiosity and a willingness to explore new ways of thinking and acting.

All enquiries and bookings: