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In my professional life I have worked as a head chef at a country retreat centre and more recently, as a physical trainer within a physiotherapy department.  I have always enjoyed work that is very practical, creative and people-centred.  My core skills are deep listening and kindly motivation.

I am a Co-active coach. This has arisen out of my work as a physical trainer.   I love seeing people live out their dreams, find direction and to be creative with big decisions.  That's why I am a coach.

From my early twenties I have been influenced by the spiritual teachings of the East, and in particular, have been practicing Buddhist mind training for the past twenty years.  

I'm an accredited focusing practitioner with over ten years experience.  Focusing is a mindfulness-based practice that helps the process of conscious embodiment: it helps to embed changes that are made through the process of coaching.

I'm a keen climber, adventurer, yoga practitioner and art lover.