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Welcome.  I'm a Professional Co-active coach and mindfulness teacher.  

I specialize in career development and fulfillment / well-being

I am passionate about helping you get the most out of life and work, and I can coach you towards a more fulfilled and alive version of yourself.


Measurable benefits of coaching at an individual level:

  • Improvement of targets, performance and goals
  • Increased ability to find solutions to specific work-related issues
  • Greater self awareness and responsiveness to others
  • Improvement of specific skills and behaviour
  • Greater clarity in roles and objectives
  • Better interpersonal relationships

Measurable benefits of coaching at an organisational level:

  • Higher levels of motivation
  • Facilitation of culture change
  • Greater performance / productivity
  • Improvement of relationships between departments


As a coach with over twenty years experience in mindfulness, I can help you:

-Reconnect with what's most essential in your life.

-Live from your values so that your daily activities flow 

-Move you towards your life goals in a natural and unforced way

-Help you assess and implement big life changes such as career change and changing location


As well as coaching, I also provide group sessions in mindfulness in the workplace.  Please contact me to discuss your needs.

Clients include: 

Social entrepreneurs

Artists, musicians & fashion designers

3rd sector / charity workers,

NHS / government sector



Yoga teachers

It has been proven that coaching and mindfulness in the workplace lead to greater levels of well-being, greater productivity and better relationships.

As a coach, I bring the qualities of calm and clarity to our interactions.  I will help  you reconnect with those qualities in yourself so that you can find  genuine 'next steps forward', as well as enhancing your experience of being alive in this moment.

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My mission is to help you progress in your life and career and to help you translate your deepest values into lived reality.

Rob Gibbs BSc.
Coaching with Mindfulness

Rob Gibbs BSc.

Coaching with Mindfulness

My Story

In my early twenties I studied politics, philosophy and economics at university.  Although it was quite a prestigious university and although I knew I was a high achiever academically, I was not fulfilled.  I worked for a year in the UK Parliament - in the corridors of power, and yet I felt powerless!

Through that painful process I came to realise what was missing, and since then, I have found work and a way of life that is much more fulfilling.  My journey has led me to work for social enterprises, and in a hospital rehab unit as a physical coach. 

Since those early days at university, I have always LOVED my work and my life has felt inherently meaningful.....

I am now a professional co-active coach, and it is my job to help you find the next steps towards the life you truly and deeply desire.



From powerless to purposeful:

How to stop drowning in the sea of 'to-do'


Leadership has been a big theme for me in recent times - so thought would share some thoughts on what I believe makes a great leader.


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Nicola Jane, Empowering Creatives

 Rob is an excellent listener and has a great ability to get to the heart of an issue and create clarity for moving forward. I really enjoyed my sessions, which helped me in making some important decisions in redefining my career and my priorities.  I highly recommend him.

Chris Protheroe, Learning Support Worker, Cambridge

Rob 'saw' me straight away and met me where I was at. He took things to the heart of the matter, in a delicate, intuitive, and skillful way, and took me to a delightful solution that I was genuinely surprised with, that I would never have realised on my own. 

Laura Smith, Director of Teaching and Coaching, Merchant Taylors' School

Rob enabled me to find a clear path to where I wanted to be and helped me to untangle a topic I had been thinking over for some time.  His supportive approach and genuine curiosity helped me to reflect on what was really important.  Thank you, Rob!

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