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Welcome! I'm Rob Gibbs

Welcome to my site! I'm a Co-active coach and mindfulness teacher.  I am passionate about helping people get the most out of life and work, and I coach people towards a more fulfilled and alive version of themselves.

I specialise in happiness, fulfillment and career development: I help you to make your life and work your 'vocation' - so that you are living more deeply from the things you truly and deeply value.

So often, we forget about 'next steps' in professional and personal life.  We get lost in the detail of our everyday lives and can forget about out basic, intrinsic well-being.  We forget to pay attention to out physical, emotional and spiritual health and that can lead to imbalance in our lives.

As a coach with over twenty years experience in mindfulness, I can help you to reconnect with what's most essential in you life.  I will help you to live from your values so that your daily activities flow  and move you towards your goals in a natural and unforced way.  That includes finding what's growthful for you professionally.

I use powerful reflective tools to put you in touch with what's most important in your life.  They will provide you with a firm foundation of deep self-understanding that will then enable you to make sustainable, measurable and effective changes in your life and career.

I am a BFA-recognised focusing practitioner with over ten years experience.  Focusing is a mindfulness based body-awareness tool that helps you to reconnect with your deeper values, undo inner blockages and helps to reconnect with a sense of abundance.

I work with individuals who are looking to increase their levels of happiness and fulfillment in their career and in their life as a whole.

Clients include: social entrepreneurs,artists and musicians, 3rd sector / charity workers, fashion designers, NHS employees, teachers,therapists, yoga teachers

It has been proven that life coaching and mindfulness in the workplace lead to greater levels of well-being, greater productivity and better relationships.

As a coach, I bring the qualities of calm and clarity to our interactions.  I will help  you reconnect with those qualities in yourself so that you can find  genuine 'next steps forward', as well as enhancing your experience of being alive in this moment.

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My mission is to help you translate your deepest values into lived reality:  to help you come back to who you really are so that you can express that fully in the world.

Rob Gibbs BSc. HE Dip 
Coaching with Mindfulness
Rob Gibbs BSc. HE Dip Coaching with Mindfulness

My Story

In my early twenties I studied politics, philosophy and economics at university.  Although it was quite a prestigious university and although I knew I was a high achiever academically speaking, I was not happy!  I worked for a year in the UK Parliament - in the corridors of power, but something just didn't sit quite right...

I came to realise certain things about myself.  One of the key things I came to understand was that the things that brought me alive were not the things I was doing day to day.....!  

Since then, I have found work and ways of living that are much more fulfilling.  I have come to realise that I am a highly practical person who loves helping people and being part of a community!  This understanding has led me to work for social enterprises, and as a physical coach in a hospital rehab unit.  

Since those early days at university, I have always LOVED my work and my life has felt inherently meaningful.  That it the TRUE definition of a successful career.  It's not necessarily about the amount of money you earn or your status in society, its about you being a fulfilled, happy, creative person.

I am now a co-active coach, and my own personal journey of fulfillment continues...



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Nicola Jane, Creative Consultancies

 Rob is an excellent listener and has a great ability to get to the heart of an issue and create clarity for moving forward. I really enjoyed my sessions, which helped me in making some important decisions in redefining my career and my priorities.  I highly recommend him. 

Chris Maddocks, NG Development

I have found Rob a really dynamic coach -he has helped me to remember what's important as I go about my work.  I work for an NGO  and am usually completely stressed!  Working with Rob gave me a sense of direction as well as giving me practical things to be getting on with.  Thank you very much for guiding me though a very useful process - it has helped me to remember why I do the things I do!

RS, London

I have been been trying to find steps towards a new job that reflects my values more, and Rob has been helping me to break it down into small, manageable steps.  Thank you.

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